men's performance & accountability group

Expand Ramp

We bring together men that are successful, but who also want to level up across ALL the areas of their life.

Is this for you?

This is NOT a coaching program, personal development challenge, or a place where broken men go to find themselves. This is a place where successful men go to grow.- Are you generally happy with life, but sometimes desiring more fun?
- Do you consider yourself healthy, but also feel disappointed with your body?
- Do you love your wife, but occasionally wrestle with deep frustration at home?
- Do you spend time with your kids, but have fears of regret for when they're grown?
- Are you established and capable in your career, but feel compelled to build more?
This is a place for men that have built a life they're generally proud of, but who want to pursue continued growth - and want to be around other men doing the same.

What We Do

Based on years of experience in a wide range of programs, ExpandRamp is methodically designed to create momentum and consistent impact for the men who choose to live this way.- Quarterly Goals: Quarterly, we assess all the areas of life, envision what we desire, and set specific goals to pursue.
- Weekly Plan: Weekly, we evaluate our progress and set targets to move forward.
- Daily Gamified Routine: We leverage a daily gamified routine that strengthens our foundation to create success personally while building momentum as a group.
- Monthly Checkpoint: We come together monthly to review progress, support each other, and provide hard frame accountability when appropriate.

Who Created ExpandRamp?

There is no coach, guru, or charlatan here pitching courses, content, and conferences. Expand Ramp was created by a man who has grown by doing life with other men seeking growth.- Financial Freedom - Financial targets are different for each man. This man spent a decade creating a business with millions in income while supporting the families of his 200+ employees.
- Fulfillment as a Father - This man built wealth while also creating connection with his children. Through lots of family time, consistent Daddy Dates, and being an involved sports coach, he has built wealth AND shown up as Dad.
- Monumental Marriage- This man has invested in years, tears, and a commitment to togetherness that resulted in a marriage of connection, support, and lust that continues to grow.
These are simply examples of the type of growth that come from years of intentional and consistent hard work, with the support of other men committed to expansion.If you want to walk a similar path together, this is a place for you...

What is the cost?

There is a cost to participate, but this is merely table stakes to affirm your commitment to the way we operate.If you are a fit for the group, you will be invited to participate in a 30 day intro guided experience for $100.After fulfilling your 30 day commitment to the way that we operate, you may be invited to continue. The investment at that stage will be more significant at $1,000 and will be one of the clearest financial decisions of your life.

what's next?

If you feel called to move forward with the introductory experience, contact us below. Include brief 3-5 sentence answers to the following questions so we can get a better understanding of where you are in life, why you feel compelled to pursue this, and whether or not you will be a fit for the group.Your Work - Work is not the meaning of life, but much of the life of a man involves work. What is your work, how long have you been doing it, and what level of success in it have you achieved?Your Family - Man's meaning in life center's on family, though many do not realize this until the end. Describe where you're at in marriage, fatherhood, and the journey of family.Your Heart - Why are you here? Why are you reading this webpage and considering joining us for this next phase of your life? What challenges are you experiencing? What vision do you have about the life you want to create? Put simply, why are you here?We respect your privacy. It is perfectly fine to submit these answers in a private way using an anonymous email. We will connect directly with you for a discusssion when the time is right.